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This company was founded back in 2005. It all started with Mario G. Paredes and Maria H. Soto (thus giving the idea for the name M&M Pro Audio each M representing the first letter in the owners name.) they started business from a small home garage and worked there for 8 years. They both finally made up their minds and decided to go bigger, so they opened up a legit shop which is where we are today. M&M Pro Audio



" I have to say by far this shop saved my life & pockets ", they researched every possible way to configure my situation with my radio, also fixed n corrected every problem and lil specs to get my truck sounding perfect. I will definitely recommend all to M n M Pro Audio to those who love their cars and sounds like me....FROM ALL SHOPS I WENT TO AND BEEN, IM STICKING TO THIS ONE..... thanks to Mario, Rick, and Maria who also make custom and amazing delicious cakes......

Posted By: David Hernandez

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