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In-Dash Video
Adding a back up camera to your current in-dash monitor allows you to see what is behind you.

Rear view mirror
Replace your factory rear view mirror with models which have monitors built-in.

Protect your children
Reduce the chances of child back over due to the “Bye Bye” effect.

Vehicle Damage 
Seeing the car, post, pole, bike or any other object helps reduces the chances of rear vehicle damage.

Night Vision
With IR night vision, now you can even see what is behind you in the dark.

Parking Sensors, Backup Cameras, 360 Degree Cameras and Dash Cams
If you drive a big car or an SUV, it can be difficult to see what’s going on behind you when you’re backing up or what’s ahead at ground level when you’re parking. Many of the car makers have added parking sensors, backup cameras and 360 degree cameras to help. Additionally, thousands of kids are the victims of “backovers” every year. The problem is so serious that the HNTSA is now requiring every new car to include a back up camera system by 2018.

You don’t have to wait or buy a new car to get this technology, though. Backup cameras are now available from your local expert. Of course, just a camera isn’t useful unless there’s a screen in your car that can be used to display the camera’s view. If your head unit includes a video screen, there may be a video input designed to accept the input from a backup camera. If you are using a factory head unit with a screen, there may be an adapter available that adds that video input. If not, an additional screen can be installed. There are even replacement rear view mirrors that include a video screen that can display the camera view.

A 360-degree camera system includes an on screen view of the back, both sides and the front of the vehicle. This can be very helpful when you’re parking or checking your blind spot before changing lanes. Additionally, there are systems that can sense an impact to the vehicle and record video around the car just like a video surveillance system for your house. In addition to offering convenience while you drive, these camera systems also provide increased safety for those in and around your car while you’re backing up and provide additional security while your vehicle is parked.

If you don’t need all that security, but you would find some help with parking, there’s a parking sensor solution that doesn’t require a video screen. A parking sensor system will alert you as your car approaches an obstacle either in front or behind while you’re parking. The systems use indicator lights and warning tones that increase in intensity as your proximity to obstacles is reduced. This can be very helpful in preventing the front of your car from being damaged by curbs and parking barriers. They also help to prevent backovers, because the sensors will also detect people and animals.

Portable dash cameras are designed to hang from the windshield or to be attached to the top of the dashboard. They begin recording when you start your car and stop recording when you turn off the ignition. They are designed to record everything that happens in front of your car while you drive. The video is stored on a built-in or removable storage device and the recording is a loop. After the memory is full, the device begins writing over the oldest saved video. Dash cams can be useful in helping you remember what happened in a crash or a near miss. They also provide proof that can help you file an insurance claim if the incident is recorded on video.

Your local expert can help you find the right system to be integrated into your existing system or into an upgraded system no matter how old your car is.

I brought my 1990 Ford econoline camper van here because my van was vandalized and the gps/dvd/audio player was stolen. I collected the parts off the internet and took it to M&M. The service was Shocking! Shockingly Good!! Mario doesn't talk much but is super friendly and professional, plus he is a perfectionist. They installed my system back to specs, found out my rear view camera was bad and installed a NEW one and NEW blue tooth microphone. I came a few days and watched him work on various projects. He takes his time and is meticulous with his work! Most installers wouldn't care what the speaker case looked like since it would be covered up, but I watched Mario give it several coats of epoxy, then paint BOTH the inside and outside! (Check out his facebook page). Who else would do that. Also, his wife or worker had to drive me home for several days because I had to leave the van. When he was done, he said that he guarantees his work and that if anything was wrong to bring it back because he stands behind his work! Everything works perfectly! I am so glad to have found M&M audio corp and Mario and his crew. Excellent Craftmanship and more than fair prices. Who else has that many 5 stars reviews? I recommend M&M and Mario (M&M stands for Mario and Maria his wife) to anyone who wants anything to do with audio systems. If in doubt, go talk to him and see for yourself. Stellar Performance by a man who CARES about CRAFTMANSHIP and his CUSTOMERS! i might add also that he young men working for him were incredibly polite when greeting you or seeing that you had coffee or cake while you wait. I asked Mario about this and he said that the way he sees it, he's not only teaching the young men how to install audio equipment, he's also teaching them RESPECT. Well, I respect Mario, his wife and his Excellent Crew. Stellar perfomance by a quiet Craftsman. I wouldn't refer my friends anywhere else. Excellent! 5 Stars. Leon K.

Posted By: Leon Kolodziej

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